A fully automated and clever way of indoor climate control

Linking sensor data to climate control hardware to make sure your devices work exactly when you need them to.

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The story

In every office building you run into moments when it’s either too hot, too cold or simply overpopulated to the extent that you could cut the air you breathe with a knife. These situations are caused by the lack of proper feedback to indoor climate control devices, which stops them from doing what they are supposed to - work as much as necessary but as little as possible to keep both you and your bank account comfortable in your office.

These costly and uncomfortable situations are exactly why our team at SmartVent has developed a clever indoor climate controller that measures the air quality and manages your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) devices exactly to your preferences and needs.

SmartVent can be put to good use in every building where it’s possible to electronically manage HVAC devices. If you feel like your building isn’t sufficiently ventilated or your bank account constantly suffers unreasonably big losses when it’s time to pay your energy bills, then contact us and we will fix your indoor climate!

Environmentally friendly

Demand based air conditioning will help reduce pollution

Simple to use

24/7 overview and management with the SmartVent web app


SmartVent’s solution will guarantee you better indoor climate at reduced costs

Would you like to know how SmartVent could better your indoor climate?

Our team

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SmartVent was established in 2016 in a poorly ventilated classroom at the Tartu College of TUT, where the students suffered from lack of focus and heavy headaches. Our team, with the help of Negavatt, decided to stop wasting energy on opening windows.

We installed an air handling unit into the classroom and started managing it with our indoor climate controller based on sensor data measuring current air quality.

Today our solution has been put to good use in several office buildings, allowing us to develop further and add a little bit more Smart in the Vent every time.

Just breathe - SmartVent!